Bargains, Not Always Worth It

There’s a recent fad with Amazon Kindle e-books. Self-publishing authors, hawking their own Kindle e-books that are both poorly-written and poorly-edited.

There are Kindle e-books that purport to teach wannabe authors how to make money self-publishing for the Kindle, Nook, and other e-readers. If you use the “Look Inside” feature on, you’ll see that many of these self-publishing guides are also poorly written and edited.

I purchased three books this week, each priced at 99 cents. Two written by the same author. Each had respectable ratings from readers. In my opinion, if these e-books were printed, it would be a waste of trees. The three e-books were the following titles:

  • FCP: Fundamental Chess Patterns by Rodolfo Pardi;
  • A Selection of Additional Chess Patterns by Rodolfo Pardi; and
  • Chess Patzer to Master: How An Everyday Joe Does It by Paul Powell.

I don’t know why these volumes have such positive ratings. Friends and relatives of the authors? Poor sods who have no other chess books to read? Illiterati?

Each was over-priced, in my opinion. Both authors have a poor grasp of English grammar. (I’m more forgiving towards Rodolfo Pardi on this point, since English is not his native language.)

These e-books¬†are more leaflets than texts that teach chess fundamentals. There were a few interesting patterns in the e-books by Rodolfo Pardi and dozens where the explanations are incomplete or poor. I can’t think of even one good reason to recommend the e-book from NM Paul Powell. His e-book won’t take a reader from patzer to fish. Forget going from patzer to¬†master with his e-book as a guide.

The Kindle has one big disadvantage. It’s much too expensive to throw across the room when your patience wears out with dreadful writing and editing!


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